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January 2010 Featured Interview

The Rite (published by Doubleday Religion, 2009) is a fascinating look at one writer's journey to understand modern day Catholic exorcism and the truth versus the myth of this often misunderstood Catholic rite.  Author Matt Baglio follows Catholic Priest, Father Gary Thomas, as he trains to become an exorcist and subsequently apprentices himself to a seasoned exorcist. Join us for an interview with Author and Journalist Matt Baglio as we discuss the writing of the Rite and follow Baglio's own journey of understanding in this often misunderstood and seemingly terrifying topic of the demonic. Read the interview here!
Your True Ghost Story
Do you have a true ghost story to share with us? Register for a free account and submit your true ghost story today!
Featured Interview - December 2009

Annie Wilder is the author of House of Spirits and Whispers and Spirits Out of Time (Llewellyn Publications).
Raised in a family with Irish-German roots and strong intuitive abilities, the unseen world of angels, spirits, and lost souls has always been a familiar part of Annie Wilder's everyday life. A writer and mother of grown children, she lives in a spirit-filled Victorian house nestled in a sleepy Mississippi River town in Minnesota. Her haunted house has been featured in several television and print news stories, investigated by teams of ghost hunters, and visited by a number of prominent psychics including Linda Drake and Echo Bodine. welcomes Annie Wilder to our December Featured Interview. Annie shares ghost stories from her family's past and also discusses the inspiration for her latest book SPIRITS OUT OF TIME.  Read the interview here
Featured Ghost Story - September 2009

Our featured true ghost story is from author Kim Molto's second book, More True Tales of the Paranormal (Dundurn Press,2008). Read how a mysteriously appearing gift changes one woman's life forever in The Present .
Featured Interview - September 2009 - Dr. Kimberly Molto

Kim Molto is a research scientist specializing in cognitive neurobiology. She is also the author of two excellent books on the paranormal entitled True Tales of the Paranormal and More True Tales of the Paranormal (Dundurn Press). Her books highlight the supernatural experiences and mysterious events recounted to her by people from all walks of life. The topics range from phone calls from the dead to telekinesis and a variety of other paranormal events. The books inform and fascinate the novice to the most advanced reader on the topic.

Join us today for an interview with Kimberly Molto. Kimberly discusses her own experiences in the realm of the supernatural and her life-long fascination and work in the field.
Featured Ghost Story - August 2009

Our featured True Ghost Story for August 2009 is entitled "Natchez Mississippi Haunting."  Do Civil War, Union soldiers haunt this Physicians home? Read to find out!

Stacy Horn is the author of "Unbelievable: Investigations into Ghosts, Poltergeists, Telepathy, and Other Unseen Phenomena from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory" (Ecco, 2009). Her research started with a ghost story and led to America's first parapsychology laboratory and nothing less than science's attempt to find evidence of life after death.

Join us for an interview with Stacy Horn.
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Bruce Barrymore Halpenny is a well respected British military historian. He is also the author of a series of very informative and highly entertaining books called the Ghost Station Series. These books highlight the chilling mysteries and ghostly occurences that surround wartime airfields in the United Kingdom.

Join us today for an interview with author Bruce Barrymore Halpenny as he recounts the early inspiration for the series and ponders upon the reason why these locations hold so much ghostly energy.
Featured Ghost Story for February 2009

Brad Steiger's book Otherworldly Affaires is filled with fascinating accounts of how those who share a love bond continue to connect with each other even after physical death. Originally published as Haunted Lovers, this book contains a multitude of actual case histories, many of which were recorded here for the first time.

Our featured true ghost story is the very first account in Chapter One of the book entitled "Apparitions Seen of Loved Ones at their Moment of Death."
Featured Story

We've pulled out of the archives one of our favorite ghost stories to share with you. Read the chilling true ghost story "The Jail - Incarcerated Full-Body Spirits."

Ghost Story Ghost Story Ghost Story Ghost Story

NEW FEATURE welcomes back Paul Dale Roberts to our latest feature entitled "Paranormal Planet." Always entertaining and informative, Paul covers a variety of paranormal topics while investigating some of the worlds most mysterious places.

From UFO's to time travel, and numerous other fascinating and chilling topics of interest, our guest writers will leave you wondering about the mysterious nature of our planet!

If you have a story to share with us, contact us at

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Featured Story
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